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Kindle eBooks

Kindle Free & Paid eBooks

I know reading is still alive, my grandaughter use to write stories in her notebook growing up. I finally got to read some of it and Wow. She was truely an intelectual person that loved creative writing, very talented.

Her mom got her a Kindle, and her mom had one for quite awhile and then years later, I got one for Christmas. It’s the best kind of reading, not having to worry about spilled coffee on the pages, just on the kindle lol.

It’s a turn of decades for me as a grandma. Many years of collecting Dean Koontz books, and keeping them safe in boxes (collecting dust), well not any more, they are right at your fingertips any time, anywhere. With Kindle Unlimited, the sky is the limit! So, check these deals out! I really love Kindle Free & Paid eBooks…

Kindle Unlimited 12-month Paid Membership

List of Bestsellers

Cultura-Celebrating Hispanic Culture

Celebrating Hispanic Culture Read for Free

Kindle Free & Paid eBooks


When You Can’t Find The Right Book

By purchasing a Kindle Unlimited membership, you agree to the Kindle Unlimited Terms of Use. Amazon will email the recipient with redemption instructions on the day you choose. Recipients can immediately start their Kindle Unlimited membership or exchange it for an Amazon Gift Card.

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Unlimited Reading, Listening, Any Device…

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Kindle Free & Paid eBooks

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I know I did. Just a TIP, they must be seen in order.

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