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Best Slow Cooker 2022 Quick One Touch Digital Buttons

Choosing The Best Slow Cooker by Comparison

Quick One Touch Digital buttons with 12 preset Smart Programs

The year 2022 is over and we’re on our way into 2023. Assuming you got a Slow Cooker Quick One Touch Digital Buttons (with 12 preset smart programs) for Christmas, starting the New Year with all of your favorite meals will be easier than ever. You can saute, bake, stew, steam, oatmeal, slow cook, soups, Quiche, rice, beans, you name it this slow cooker can make it happen.

Choosing the best slow cooker by comparison isn’t an easy decision.  I’ll point out what each product has to offer so you can make the best dicision for your needs. The Comfee Slow Cooker is like 9 appliances in 1, it actually replaces 9 common kitchen appliances; 1-) pressure cooker, 2-) slow cooker, 3-) saute pan, 4-) rice cooker, 5-) egg cooker, 6-) steamer food warmer, 7-) quart sauce pans, 😎 Deep dish fry pans, 9-) strainer.

Comfee 12 in 1 Slow Cooker
Best Slow Cooker 2022 Quick One Touch Digital Buttons

This is one of the Best Slow Cookers in 2022 that I’ve come across. I hate to be my own best customer but, this one is definitely on my list of things to buy. But don’t be hasty when making purchases, if it fits your needs and you’ve considered everything, then purchase it. The slow cooker makes, 20 cups of rice, large capacity yielding up to 10 to 20 cups of cooked rice designed for families or even outdoor activities. 24 hour preset & instant keep warm setting and 24 hour delay timing for flexibility.

Specs for the Best Slow Cooker 2022

Quick One Touch Digital buttons with 12 preset Smart Program

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Black & Stainless steel

13.9×10.8×10.5 inches

Capacity is 5.2 quarts

Customer Reviews 4.6 Stars


12 in one-Digital Touch Programs Press the menu button for your desired cooking needs. Pressure cook, saute, bake, stew, steam, oatmeal, slow cook, chili, yogurt, the list goes on, imagine baking an apple crisp in a slow cooker.

Soften Meat and Grains in Less Time 0-60KPA high pressure helps to easily tenderize the food in less time.

Electronic Customized Recipes Customization and control for even greater precision cooking. You can download the recipes on the Amazon product page under product guides and document.

Advanced Safety Protection 9 in 1 Safety Features. UL Certified

24 Hour Delay Timer Prepare your breakfast at night and make your dinner in the morning using the delay timer.

Dishwasher Safe Makes your inner pot and lid easier after cooking, just toss it in the dishwasher and relax.

This really is a good deal for it’s multi functions in the kitchen, the reviews say it all!


Here’s More Slow Cookers in 2022 to Choose From

Comfee 5.2 Qt Pessure Cooker

Comfee 5.2 Quart Pressure Cooker 12 in 1 is now on sale

One touch kick start multi functional programmable Slow cooker, Rice cooker, Steamer, Saute pan, Egg Cooker, Warmer and a lot more.

Best Multifunction slow cookers 

Comfee 12 in 1 Slow Cooker
Comfee 12 Touch Slow Cooker 5.2 Quart

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The multi-functions alone make it a one unit appliance in the kitchen. It has so many uses;

  • Quick One Touch Kick Start with 12 Preset Smart Programs- Pressure cook, sauté, bake, stew, steam, oatmeal, slow cook, sauté, soup/ broth, egg, rice, bean/chili, yogurt.
  • 9 Appliances In 1- Replaces 9 common kitchen appliances: pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, steamer, food warmer.
  • Electronic Customized Recipes- Our recipes are customized for a young & fashion mother, who enjoys a busy life of working, entertaining, and dating and can easily deal with her whole day need. You can DOWNLOAD the recipes on the Amazon product page under Product guides and documents.
  • Advanced Safety Protection with 9-in-1 Safety Features- Lid lock, anti-block cover, pressure limiting valve, automatic pressure and temperature control, overheat protection and more. UL certified.
  • Healthy Non-Stick Inner Pot- Easy to use and clean with dishwasher safe. Cooks for up to 6 people. All components in contact with food are BPA free materials.
  • Easy To Use and Read Panel- LED Display make it easy to read from a distance. The control panel design includes DIY manual setting, dedicated Start/Cancel button, Menu button to choose 12 Preset Programs and Keep Warm function.

Customer Ratings with all the features

5 star for flavor, 4.9 star for easy to use and 4.7 for easy to clean.

(There is a new model of this item below)

COMFEE’ Rice Cooker, 8-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and Warmer, 5.2 QT, 20 Cups Cooked(10 Cups Uncooked), Brown Rice, Quinoa and Oatmeal, 8 One-Touch Programs

Comfee Rice Cooker, 5.2 Quart (New Model)

Comfee Rice Cooker 8 in 1
Comfee Rice Cooker 8 in 1


Model Name CRS5010BS
Color Black and Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 5.2 Quarts

Comfee Rice Cooker size 20 cups cooked Rice, 10 cups uncooked

About this item

  • Multifunctional – Use-8 digital cooking programs including rice, brown rice, quick rice, steam, mixed grain, quinoa, saute and oatmeal functions.
  • Ultra Capacity -20 cup cooked (5.2 Qt) capacity yields up to 20 cups of cooked rice. Big size is designed for families, parities, or any other activities.
  • Effortless Operation – The Multi Use Programmable Rice Cooker is user-friendly with digital panel & LED display, features 8 One-Touch Programs, automatically switches to keep warm for 12 hours and 12 hour delay timer is designed for flexible meal planning.
  • Easy to Clean – Stainless steel external housing is easy to wipe clean. With the non-stick coating, the cleaning of the inner pot is like a breeze. The inner pot and all the included accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • Safety Features – Built-in Overheating Protection. Made of BPA-Free Food Grade Material. Cool touch handle ensures your safety when you open the cooker.
  • Warranty from COMFEE’ – This programmable electric rice cooker is made of BPA-free food grade material. UL certificate approved. COMFEE’ will provide 1 year manufacturer warranty together with your purchase.

Reviews for Durability are 5 Stars, Time Function are 4.8 Stars, Easy to Clean 4.6 Stars

Newer Comfee Slow Cooker

Comfee 6 Quart Pressure Cooker 12 in 1, One Touch Kick-Start Multifunctional & Programmable

Comfee Pressure Cooker 12 in 1 6 Qt
Comfee Pressure Cooker 12 in 1 6 Qt
Comfee Rice Cooker 5.2 Qt
Comfee Rice Cooker 6 Qt
Download Free App for Recipes
Download Free App for Recipes

Download Free Digital Recipes PDF


When you just need a rice cooker, or a warmer, this would come in very handy in the kitchen. Not a huge mess to clean up, one appliance to work with that have these great features below;

Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and Warmer, 5.2 QT, 20 Cups Cooked(10 Cups Uncooked), Brown Rice, Quinoa and Oatmeal, 8 One-Touch Programs

Great for gatherings and you can transport it easily to a picnic or friends house. I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker like the one at the top, it has the features I would use, especially the one touch programs. The 3rd Newer model of the Comfee Slow Cooker is a good deal if it’s just 2 people because it’s a little smaller at 5.2 Quarts but still makes 20 cups of rice cooked.

All 3 of the Cookers are a fabulous appliance that you’re sure to get attatched to.This is one of the Best deals on pressure cookers you can get, with many functions in the kitchen, all in one appliance, and easy clean up, you’re sure to love.  

Thank you for stopping by, leave a comment or if you have any questions you can email me there at

Wishing you well, Sherry

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