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The New MRI Machine Looks directly into a human heart

New Technique with the MRI Imaging Machine

Sparrow Hospital
Sparrow Hospital

In Honor of American Heart Month (February 22,2022)

“Cardiac ultrasound to nuclear imaging to cardiac CT to here,” said Dr. Chris Hanson. “It very much compliments and completes our portfolio of cardiac imaging here at Sparrow.” The New MRI Machine Looks directly into a human heart, the course of treatment will be more efficient at targeting healthy tissues without using ionizing radiation.

There are all kinds of different way to do medical imaging that range from tradition X-ray imaging which is the first way we were able to image the human body to ultrasounds clear imaging techniques,” Hanson said. “Ultrasound doesn’t require radiation, but CT imaging and X-ray imaging does. So, MRI was invented and pioneered in the 1970s and became a mainstream imaging technique in the 1990s. It doesn’t actually require any ionizing radiation.

New Cardiovascular MRI Imaging Machine, Safer Than Ever Before

Sparrow Hospital has announced the new technique for an MRI (Magnetic Resin Imaging) machine. For, Cardiovascular health that’s completely new to the community in Lansing, Michigan. Applying comprehensive and thorough imaging of a person’s heart, it’s actually letting you see directly into the heart. There is a New Technique with the MRI Imaging Machine. The New MRI Machine Looks directly into a human heart.

The technique the machine applies is able to clearly map out the heart without using radiation like x-rays and bypass some cases where surgery would have deemed necessary. The New Cardiovascular MRI Imaging machine has simply, been made safe for the patients and non-toxic. Ionizing radiation is probably not off the table, but it will most likely catch on across our States and medical fields.

Cardiologist, Dr. Christopher Hanson said he is ” proud of the advancements of the Sparrow Health System”. It will allow doctors to look closer at the characteristics from tissues that may have been requested for a biopsy. The New Cardiovascular MRI Imaging machine wasn’t the only advancement Sparrow Hospital made this month.

First Hospital in the State of Michigan to enroll a heart patient in New Clinical Trial

 Could Be a Game Changer for A-Fib Patients

Trial aimed at reducing the risk of stroke in a broad range of people with atrial fibrillation.

Sparrow Hospital in Lansing is the first medical facility to implant a Watchman FLX heart device in patients as part of a clinical trial.

Our extensive clinical trials give you new hope.

Sparrow Champion A-Fib Clinical Trial
Update: Sparrow Champion A-Fib Clinical Trial

Champion Atrial-Fibrillation Trial

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Sparrow Hospital is the first medical facility in Michigan to implant “The Watchman” FLX heart device into the patient to reduce the risk of strokes. The majority of patients that need this transplant are Atrial Fibrillation sufferers. Not all are eligible though, it’s the doctors call whether you can have this device or not.

The WATCHMAN device is implanted in the upper chamber of the heart and used for patients with atrial fibrillation who cannot use blood thinners, which are commonly prescribed for those with the condition.

This procedure offers stroke reduction and an alternative for lifelong use of blood thinners and the associated risk of serious bleeding. What a great intervention that gives Atrial Fibrillation Patients hope.

The Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

The largest set of clinical trial programs in the region.

More than 1,200 Sparrow patients have enrolled in clinical trials at Sparrow. These patients are the first to benefit from new cancer treatments. These rigorous trials identify drugs that work to stop cancer and treat the cancer patient.

There are clinical trials for breast cancer, lung cancer, genitourinary cancer, hematological cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and other rare cancers. The patients that enroll receive highly specialized care from clinicians. Through the clinical trial program, patients get top-ranked, multidisciplinary cancer treatment they need while helping to establish new and exciting standards in cancer care.

This cancer center is part of a combination of institutions and cancer centers in the state of Michigan. With access to a wide variety of clinical trials sponsored by government organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health.

Sparrow is one of the most successful hospitals in the country at registering patients for the TAPUR study, a unique clinical trial that uses gene sequencing test results to match patients to a targeted cancer drug. The trial is aimed at attacking cancer at the molecular genetic level of a tumor and could lead to new standard care protocols for all patients for years to come. TAPUR: is testing the use of food and drug administration (FDA) Approved drugs that target a specific abnormality in a tumor gene in people with advanced stage cancer.

Personalized Cancer Care in mid-Michigan

The Journey of life-saving cancer treatment that arises from an initial cancer diagnosis.

At Sparrow, you have the cutting-edge technology.

The first thing you feel is utter shock, then the questions flow.

Who are the Best Cancer Specialists?

Who has the most advanced facility?

Who has the state-of-the-art cancer center?

Sparrow is a fantastic Resource to check out if you have cancer or Atrial Fibrillation, or know someone that does, Bless you all.

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