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Learn How to Earn Money with referral Programs

Earn up to 50% with AWeber Referrals

Earn Money with a High Percentage referral Program

AWeber Email Marketing
AWeber Email Marketing, Learn how to earn money with referral programs. Since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve run across quite a few great Affiliate referral programs.  


What is so special about AWeber? AWeber has one of the highest payouts for their referrals in the industry, you can earn money with referral programs like this one. There are a few others out there, don’t get me wrong, but AWeber email marketing delivers.

Their Affiliate earnings start at up to 50%, when you come across one that offers that much, it’s definitely worth checking out. The key is to find quality products and services worth recommending.

This doesn’t mean your commissions will be high, it depends on the price of the product, but if someone purchases the product, it will be recurring monthly revenue.

Earn up to 50% on your AWeber referrals

Hands down the highest referral payout in the industry, Learn how to earn money with referral Programs.

Start Here and sign up to be an AWeber Advocate. They will email you your link to start placing on your website to promote, it’s that easy.


Earn up to 50% on Your AWeber Referrals

To Return to After you check other affiliate programs out, just click on the blue link above.

Did you know you can be an affiliate for plugins?

If you’re an affiliate of Amazon, you can promote AmaLinks Pro software WP plugin. There are many referral programs out there, but notvery many that pay up to 50% recurring commission.

If you’re already an affiliate, you can sign up for AmaLinks, if you’re not, sign up!

Crella website is a platform that allows creators to sell their digital products like, fonts, graphics etc.. This is great for graphic designers, illustrations etc… they offer 50% commision on subscriptions which means you can earn up to $174.00 per customer. URL

Start getting paid

Tanya Aliza, Business and Marketing Coach

AWeber Advocate since 212

Tanya Aliza

“I love recommending AWeber to my clients because it’s simply the most affordable and best performing platform for Entrepreneurs.”

Tanya is the coach for your business and email messaging as well as refferrals. Sign up and meet the Coach!

AWeber makes it easy to run a campaign, get email messages out, opened and responses quickly for you. I’ve been an affiliate since 2020 and I’ve found this to be one of the easiest companies to navigate and create beautiful displays using canvas without leaving the editor.

Sending Emails Should be Fun

Email Marketing, Gets Delivered, Gets Opened and Gets Results

AWeber has made it so simple to use, just go to your dashboard, click on create a campaign, create a sign up page, create a landing page and so on.

Once in editor, drag and drop from your choice list, they have many icons to choose from like, social media, images, text only, buttons, Logo and the list goes on (very similar to WP Kadence).

You can choose to create images through Canva without leaving the site which is a huge convenience when you’re up against time.

You can also add your hyperlinks into your product campaign, website URL, authorative links and so on.

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Start For Free, with the 30-day Free Trial!

Designing is easier than ever, this can be for beginners or advanced marketers. Make your own Landing Page template, or let AWeber design one for you.

Earn Money with referral Programs while you check it out for free. My take is this, I absolutely love their services and will without a doubt, sign up with AWeber by the time my free trial is over.

There’s so many images and templates to choose from, or you can design your own. Combine Landing pages with sign up forms or AWeber referral Posts for social media.

Choose from simple to beautiful campaigns using Canva inside editor, without leaving your account. So many choices make for happy customers.

Email Templates for any occasionwordpress pin

Beginner to Advanced Email Marketing

Save time and money using thousands of free high quality stock images. Create Templates using your website URL or allow AWeber to create it for you with your website URL.

Check my Newsletter at top bar on homepage. I wanted to create a simple message but let you know what comes with my newsletter, (free recipes etc…)

Create Emails Easily with Drag and Drop Builder

Welcome Your New Subscribers with pre-built Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a program that automatically generates a set of responses to all messages you want to send to a specific email address.

Grow Your Email List Faster with Custom sign up forms and Landing Pages

Tips to grow your email list faster:

  • Give them something for free to grow your list faster
  • Offer exclusive content
  • Create a contest
  • Create urgency ie; Discount for 3 days, Coupon expires next week
  • Post fresh content
  • Use testimonials
  • Create an incentive
  • Use “Buy Now”
  • 4 items remaining

Put Your Emails on Autopilot

Save hours of work with automated welcome, abandoned cart, confirmation and other emails.

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Auto Newsletter

Get More Blog Traffic, YouTube views, podcast downloads, Etsy sales and more with an Auto Newsletter! See What’s Working and What’s Not with Email Tracking and Analytics.
There’s so much more to AWeber, products and services you’ll be proud to recommend to others.

Grow Your Business with Easy To Use email marketing anlaytics

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Target Your Audience

Track everything from open rates to sales with a few clicks.

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The AWeber Stats App is Here, you can (on website) Download for iOS and Android

Get a 360 degree view of your email marketing anytime, anywhere. Easy to read dashboard.

Find a list and get tags

AWeber is so much more than just an email product and service! 

AWeber has all the Whistles and Bells you want in an email and product service, they definately deliver!

I Highly Recommend AWeber  

You can also have a subdomain name with AWeber for authentication and verification, letting your audience know it’s your email and it’s one to trust.

Check the other affiliate programs and reviews out as well as my other new site I’ve just added. It has taken me into another direction, I can help you make money from high ticket affiliate programs and referrals.

Feel free to observe me over the next 3 months and see where this new adventure is taking me, or where I’m taking the new adventure, at: How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Leave a comment or if you have any questions you can contact me at

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