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Fully Prepared Indian Meals Delivered to Your Door

The Taste Of India

Fully Prepared South Asian and Indian Meals Delivered To Your Door

Whether longing for ingredients to stock up your kitchen or meals to satisfy your cravings, Quicklly offers everything you need to enjoy fully prepared South Asian and Indian meals dlivery to your door, all in one place. Authentic Indian cuisine is Quicklly’s main focus while customer satisfaction is number one on their list.

As the nation’s most comprehensive, one-stop marketplace, Quicklly provides access to a range of Indian grocery ingredients, tiffins, catering, Indian meal kits, fully prepared Indian meals delivered to your door with flavors of India online ordering.

Homesick for Authentic Indian dishes you love so much?

Online Ordering: Fully Prepared Indian Meals Delivered to Your Door

Quicklly makes it easier for people to order their favorite South Asian food and grocery items in just a few clicks. Consumers can browse through countless Indian brands offering their beloved desi items.

Quicklly’s website provides access to 10000 plus products, including meal kits, grocery ingredients, and halal meat. Enjoy free delivery along with same day delivery in Chicago, Chicago Land, New York, New Jersey and the Bay area.

Get $10 Off Your First Purchase

Flavors of India Online Ordering is so easy, with a click of the button, download Quicklly App and enjoy $10 off $50 purchase on your first order (use coupon-Quickllyapp).

You can chose Indian groceries delivered to your home right to your doorstep or Quicklly offers a wide range of Authentic Indian food dishes from local Indian Restaurants, hot and ready for you to enjoy.

Satisfy Your Indian Food Cravings

So Many Indian Flavors to Choose From

  • Indian Tiffins“>Indian Tiffins
  • Tikka N Curry“>Ready to Eat Indian Meals
  • Ghar Jaisa Khana“>Ghar Jaisa Khana
  • India Specials“>India Specials
  • Indian Meal Kit Delivery | Get $10 Off on your first Order“>Indian Meal Kit Delivery $10 Off
  • Halal Meat products include chicken, chicken liver and gizzard, heart, goat products, tongue, kidney, heart, liver, paya, sea food, Rohu Whole, B TeOinment, Koi clean, Hilsa steak.

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    No matter what you’re in the mood for, I’m sure you will find it here. They don’t stop at meals, there’s a ton of variety and ready to drink, easy and convenient yogurt smoothies and Indian Yogurt Smoothie


    Lassi is a regional name for buttermilk, the traditional dahi-based drink, consumed in the South Asian region. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.

    Lassi helps to improve your digestion, body appetite, and has antioxidents. Also, rich in protein which is essential for building muscles.

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