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Find The Best Smoothies Full of Protein and Other Goodies

Amazing Ready Made and Ready to Blend Smoothies

Find The Best Smoothies Full of Protein and Other Goodies, these smoothies actually have the highest amount of protein on the market.

How it works, these amazing smoothies full of protein are ready made and ready to blend smoothies come with a cup of fruit stacked with a protein pouch to satiate your hunger in a fast and convenient way.

Protein Smoothies are Great for Building Muscle Mass

All you do is choose the right size you would consume in a week, bi-weekly or monthly. Shake Please offers a subscription making sure you never run out, they come in 8, 16 or 24 smoothies, you choose. You’ll find between 24 and 33 grams of whey protein in each serving with four flavors to choose from.

They offer, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Peanutbutter banana, Vanilla Berry and Pineapple Berry smoothies loaded with protein.. You just need the blender and you’re set.

No Ice Cubes Needed

Since the fruit that comes in the cup and is frozen, there’s no need for ice cubes, the frozen fruit will act as the ice cubes during the blending process.

Imagine waking up in a hurry knowing you don’t have the time to cook yourself breakfast before heading out the door.

Mix this up in an instant and you have breakfast in your to go cup with all the nutrients for a good start to your day.

Smoothies Delivered Right to Your Door

The Orders are Recurring so You Never Run Out

The thing I love most about these protein smoothies is that they’re no muss no fuss, they’re ready when you are ready to consume them.

Remove a cup of ShakePlease from the freezer,fill your cup with your preferred liquid (apple juice, lemon or pineapple juice), 3/4 of the way to the top.

Toss contents of both the cup and protein powder pouch into the blender and blend until smooth.

Pour smoothie back into your cup and VIOLA!

Shake Please is so simple to do and it’s also so good for you (watch the video link)!

Smoothie Faqs- Manage your hunger and boost immunity, Protein to lose fat and build muscle, fruits to help maintain good health.

Whey Protein Benefits

Complete protein smoothies containing all 9 essential amino acids

  • Muscle recovery
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Lose Fat
  • Controls Hunger
  • Feel Stronger
  • Anti-Aging

The review on this product were really awesome, most all of them stated that Shake Please smoothies were the best tasting smoothie thay ever had.

Another review said it tastes amazing!

And one other review said they are absolutely delicious and it’s his new breakfast every morning.


Use Code: SHAKE2021

10% Off your order + Free stainless steel 4 piece straw set*

24 smoothies – Plus Free Shipping

16 smoothies – Plus Free or discounted shipping shown at checkout.

8 smoothies – Plus Free or discounted shipping shown at checkout.

*Free straw set included in the first order.

Shake Please Smoothies That Build Muscle and Burn Fat Protein
Shake Please

You can always add more to your order and if you don’t need it for awhile, you can pause your subscription or skip a month, make it your routine.


Now, all you need is a Blender! >>>click here for a fabulous Blender<<<<

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