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This is How Wealthy Affiliate Works, Review 2023


What is the Beef with Wealthy Affiliate About? 

Inside The Affiliate Marketing Program

Wealthy Affiliate is about an all-inclusive platform dedicated to helping aspiring and very successful internet entrepreneurs create, grow and scale businesses online. Sound pretty good right? So What Is The Beef With Wealthy Affiliate About?

With so many articles asking if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, you’d think they were monstors running a brainwashing business. You have to wonder why people keep bringing the “scam” word up, it’s old news, let’s move on. Wealthy affiliate is not a scam and is very successfull with over 2.7 million members, and growing.

What is The Beef With Wealthy Affiliate About? Well, more people have called the program a scam and complaining in the past when the pyramids were popular, and that it was outdated and ineffective, giving them negative reviews. Wealthy Affiliate has refaced it’s site and upgraded their programs and the members keep pouring in.

Wealthy Affiliate is Legitimate and not a Scam

Some People need escape goats for their own failures (just saying) and obviously can’t let go of something that is much bigger than themselves. Wealthy affiliate is, legitimate, a great and awesome place to learn marketing with wealthy affiliate in 2023. With that said, let’s continue on with what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

With nearly 5 billion people online, your profit is endless. An innovative and propelling business. Over 50,000 independent authority bloggers rank wealthy affiliate the “Go To” platform for internet entrepreneurs. Advertise your blogs on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

What sets wealthy affiliate apart from their competitors is the all-inclusive nature of their offer. Not only do they offer world class training, but you’re getting all the research and writing platforms, websites, hosting, and expert support that you actually need to run an online business. If you had to purchase all of these services separately, you’d be $ thousands out of pocket. So,

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?
Join Wealthy Affiliate

Included in Your Premium Membership Account at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Founders: Kyle & Carson
  • Community:  2.7 million Members 
  • Overall Ratings:  4.9/5 
  • Overall Ratings: 4.9/5 
  • Trust Pilot Consumer Ratings 
  •  Reasearch Tools 5/5 
  • Customer Support 5/5 
  • Training/Classes 5/5 
  • Word Press Hosting 5/5    
  • Websites 5/5          

FREE TEST DRIVE: Yes, Try Before You Buy                       

Wealthy Affiliate and How it Works

We’ll show you how wealthy affiliate can help you get there 

Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn Marketing
Education at Wealthy Affiliate

Online Entrepreneur Certification-5 Courses 50 Lessons to Get you Started

Education at Wealthy Affiliate Training Step by Step 

From the moment you join, you’re going to be walked through our state of the art, step by step training platform. For Newbies as well as advanced marketers alike, our focus with all of the training is teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space. 

Meet The Wealthy Affiliate Founders 

One of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle will walk you through the training process of building a successful business online. They are so helpful and kind and run a very friendly ship at WA (wealthy affiliate).  

Carson, the other co-founder, works more with the technical team (about 30 full-time employees) so you’ll see less of him, although he is very active behind the scenes and in the community. 

Wealthy Affiliate's Founder and Co-Founder
Founder and Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate

“Our goal in the early stages here is EARN your trust and help you get moving in the right direction with your business. We realize that the industry is full of companies that are not all that trustworthy, and it has been our mission over the past 17 years to do things differently. Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and during this 17-year period we have helped close to 2.7+ MILLION people during this time! “by Kyle & Carson 

They are committed to the community and help all day every day, unlike some marketing programs that upsale all day long for every tid-bit you need to be successful. 

Find Your Niche and Get Rolling! 

Use The Tools Included in Your Membership to Help You Find a Niche

You can join wealthy affiliate with any niche, have an online store, sell other people’s products such as Amazon, REI or any private stores of your choice or sell your own products and brand.  

If you love cats, camping, stocks or bitcoin, this could be your niche. A niche is anything you’re passionate about and can help other people in the process.  

You’ll be writing content about your niche same as a publisher writes books. It’s important that you are passionate about the niche you choose. 

Wealthy Affiliate is All About HelpingYou Reach Your Goals 

Excellent Advice and Training at Your Fingertips 

If you ever get stuck with in your lessons, you can join in the chat room and ask questions, there are many people ready to direct you to your answers. Feel free to ask away anytime, there’s always an amazing person there, I use this source if there’s something I don’t understand. 

Starting Your Free Website at Wealthy Affiliate 

Design your Website with Your Own Style

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, in lesson one, you’ll learn how to set up your own website. It’s very easy to do if you follow the lessons to the letter. Think of it as a Franchise, they copy a successful business and replicate it. 

Once you have your site all set up, start writing content about your niche! It’s just “THAT SIMPLE”. By the time you finish the 5 courses, you should have your website revenue ready! 

Find Keywords Using JAAXY SEO Keyword Research Tool 

Jaaxy Helps You Rank in Google

To help you find keywords that get you on Googles first page for ranking, there’s a tool called JAAXY. It’s an SEO Keyword Research Tool that helps you find keywords for your content that will rank in Google.  

The Higher you rank with Google, the higher your chances are of getting your website on the first page, in return this will bring you more traffic, which will bring you REVENUE. More about this on the website. 

JAAXY is also an affiliate program, by referring people to JAAXY, you will earn revenue. Jaaxy has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community! 

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is an Amazing Tool for Multiple Uses 

In Jaaxy, come up with high value, and low competition keywords. If you look at the QSR column, that is the metric that ONLY Wealthy Affiliate provides through technology built. This is your TRUE competition, and having access to this data will help you rank with efficiency in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  

This leads to free, high value traffic and subsequent opportunity. Researching your niche and having access to elite and progressive research platforms is going to be imperative to the success of your business.  

Benefits of the Research Platform and Your Success: 
  • Super-efficient and saves major time for you 
  • Leads to revelation of big pockets of opportunity 
  • Can spy on you competition, giving you the competitive edge 
  • Track your website, see exactly where you are ranked and start forming ideas and trends in terms of Google rankings 
  • Discover millions of keywords (traffic opportunities) 
  • Reveal ne niches 
When signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, you have immediate access to this platform 

Niche Finder to Help You Find the Right Niche for Your Business 

Building a Business at Wealthy Affiliate Starts with a Niche 

Type in your search for your niche and get your personalized Niche Suggestions! This is a new and innovative tool added to WA that is very helpful if you’re struggling with a niche of your own. 

When you find the niche, you want to copy and paste it into JAAXY and see how it ranks. More about this on our Wealthy Affiliate website. 

Niche Suggestion Tool
Niche Suggestion Tool

The training at Wealthy Affiliate walks you through the key and critical steps that you need to understand when building a successful business. 

Here are some things you’re going to learn in the first 10 lessons: 

  • How to Choose a Lucrative Direction for Your Business 
  • Building a Profit-Ready Website 
  • A Full Breakdown of the Make Money Process 
  • Getting Your Website Ready for Ranking in Google 
  • How to Structure Your Content Framework 
  • Achieving Ideal Design with Your Website Layout 
All Inclusive 250+Classes at Wealthy Affiliate
All Inclusive 250+Classes at Wealthy Affiliate

There’s a proper process that you need to follow if you are looking to create a long term and sustainable business (or multiple businesses), and if you can master this process you are going to have a brilliant journey ahead of you. Our focus is helping you master these, and you have expert support and access to help as you progress through the lessons in the training. 

Expert Classes to Become an Expert, Learn from Experts 

If you want to become an expert, Learn from an Expert 

To know the road ahead, ask those that are coming back. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are real-time classes that take place throughout the week, every week. There is a minimum of 250+ classes per year that are pure value and are taught by some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the online business world. 

These are real people creating real success. People that are successful, teaching you what they know works, helping you avoid roadblocks that will end up in failure. People that are willing to help you accomplish the same as they have. 

Live Chat Room During Class

Each and every class has a Question & Answer period (live side chatroom), and you can ask questions throughout the live stream class as it’s taking place. 

We encourage you to take advantage of these classes inside Wealthy Affiliate, why not, they are all free! There’s never a fee for anything but your yearly membership, ever. 

Beauty and Benefits of These Classes: 
  • Learning directly from the experts 
  • Speed up success by years, learning from those already successful 
  • Avoid critical failures in business 
  • Expand upon your skill set and success, weekly 
  • Current training, not like 99% of the training online that is outdated 
A Single Keyword Can Be Worth $1,000’s 

Understanding Your Audience 

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Understanding your audience and being able to discover significant pockets of opportunity online can separate a very successful marketer from one that doesn’t achieve any success. An example of knowing your audience is finding that keyword that brings you $1,000’s of recurring revenue from one single keyword.  

Wealthy Affiliate provides us an incredible suite of research tools and platforms that we can utilize within all types of online business, whether you are looking for ideas for a business, or you’re looking to find low competition keywords that will bring a lot of value to your business. 


Now you know Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam, try a free account to start

You’ll have all the research tools you need to start a business, at your disposal. You’ll have community support and expert advice as well as expert live streaming classes. You will also get 5 free websites to build content for your business or businesses. Free Hosting (Hosting doesn’t come cheap).

WA offers 5 Courses and 250+classes per year, and it’s all inclusive. You can’t go to college and learn this trade for free, $49 or $99 a month with all the tools to learn this business, what a great opportunity this is.

A Diamond in The Rough

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you pay the premium after your free test drive trial and you don’t pay a dime more for what that specific offer is. The price won’t go up (no upsales, zero) and it might go down during the holiday offers around Black Friday.

In my humble opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is a gold mine. I was ripped off a few times by other affiliate programs before I found WA. After I shuffled around the platform a bit, started my own website, started the classes, I was inspired. I have a dream to fulfill and that’s why I’m here doing just that.

Working From Home

I work from home, set my own pace and hours and spend time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, It’s work, so if you don’t like work, this isn’t for you. All of my hard work has been worth the small yearly fee. I can officially say I built a website (or 2) and can now fix things in the back office just like a web designer.

For just showing up I’d like to give you some leads to start your passive income to thrive. Here is a link to making money with referral programs on my other website. Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. If you’d like to check out my other site, go to https://my-heart-health.com . Sign-up for a Weekly Newsletter about A-Fib here at shers-shop-site.

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