Micra is the WORLD’S Smallest Pacemaker for Atrial Fibrillation

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Micra is the World's Smallest Pacemaker
Smallest in the World-Micra pacemaker

The Micra leadless pacemaker, made by Medtronic, is the World’s smallest pacemaker. It does not require leads as would a typical, traditional pacemaker. The Micra device is implanted straight into the heart and uses a catheter-based delivery system with advanced imaging Technoloy to minimize downtime and risks of the procedure.

Micra is a leadless pacemaker and it’s the WORLD’S smallest pacemaker for an Atrial Fibrillation Solution. Unlike most pacemakers that are placed in a patient’s chest with leads running to the heart, Micra is a leadless pacemaker because it’s implanted directly into the heart. Less invasive Micra is placed via a vein in the leg.

Less invasive– Micra is placed in the heart via a vein in the leg. This procedure requires no chest incision and unlike conventional pacemakers (as I have), Micra does not create a scar or bump under the skin.

Self-contained– Micra is completely self-contained within the heart. It eliminates potential medical complications arising from a chest incision and from wires running from a conventional pacemaker into the heart.

Small– Micra is 93% smaller than conventional pacemakers, about the size of a large vitamin capsule. I’m pretty sure I heard them say in a review, it lasts for nine years. You can watch a video of this on You Tube

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